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Locus Agricultural Solutions, LLC

Pantego Specialty

Rhizolizer Duo Specialty

Rhizolizer Duo Organic Specialty


Terradigm XP

Pantego BA for Wheat & Cereals

Pantego Duo BA for Wheat & Cereals

Pantego Thrive BA for Corn

Rhizolizer Duo BA for Corn

Rhizolizer Duo BA for Cotton

Rhizolizer Duo BA for Rice

Rhizolizer Duo BA for Soybeans

Rhizolizer Prime BA for Alfalfa/Clover

Rhizolizer Prime BA for Cover Crops

Rhizolizer Prime BA for Drybean

Rhizolizer Prime BA for Peanut

Rhizolizer Prime BA for Peas/Lentils/Chickpeas

Rhizolizer Prime BA for Soybeans

Rhizolizer Organic BA for Corn

Rhizolizer Organic BA for Wheat & Cereals

Rhizolizer Duo In-Furrow for Corn

Rhizolizer Duo WP for Fruits & Vegetables

Rhizolizer Duo WP for Berries & Melons

Rhizolizer Duo WP for Vineyards & Orchards


Rhizolizer Duo Wheat & Cereals Seed Treatment

Rhizolizer Duo Soybean Seed Treatment

Rhizolizer Duo Corn Seed Treatment

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