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Ag Software that helps you grow safely and profitably.

Agrian provides ag software and technology for every growth stage of your business.

Our Platform

One cloud based ag platform for all your business needs

Agrian was founded in 2004 with the goal of creating a single, unified agriculture software platform that growers, agronomists, professional crop advisors, retailers, and food processors alike could use to document and organize their activities in a simplified and consistent way.

Our agriculture software products allow users from every segment of the food supply chain to oversee each of the specific tasks that are relevant to their business using a cloud based ag platform that’s strikingly intuitive and simple to use, even in the field. Whether you need to find labels or pull data from yield monitors, satellites, soil maps, testing labs, or more, do it all with Agrian’s precision ag technology. We’re your ag software partner, every step of the way.

Search the Agrian Label Database

Free to use. Over 12,000 manufacturer-checked and indemnified labels. Search now.

Did you know you can search our label database on Agrian Mobile?

Experience a connected workflow.

Our agriculture software platform is tailored to you.

Your workflow, working for you.

With Agrian, you get the power of comprehensive data management that’s capable of working across all crops and in all markets, with the flexibility to use exactly the ag software you need when you need it.

See For Yourself

Where could you eliminate steps and save time?

Agrian Mobile gives you powerful ag software and technology capabilities while in the field and on the go – streamlining your workflow to maximize daylight.

Agrian Mobile

We’ve got your back.

With the largest manufacturer-backed and indemnified label database on the planet, rest assured: if you’re running it through Agrian, our ag software has you covered

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