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Drexel Chemical Company

Drexel Diuron 4L

Drexel Diuron 80

Drexel MSMA 6 Plus

Drexel Simazine 90DF

Drexel Carbaryl 4L

Drexel Simazine 4L

Drexel Dimethoate 2.67

Drexel KOP-Hydroxide 50W

Drexel Atrazine 4L

Drexel Trifluralin 4EC

Drexel Atrazine 90DF

Drexel Auguzine

Drexel Imitator Plus

Drexel KOP-Hydroxide

Drexel Malathion 5EC

Drexel Me-Too-Lachlor

Drexel Me-Too-Lachlor II

Drexel Simazat 90DF

Drexel Sprout-Stop

Drexel Atra-5

Drexel Damoil

Drexel Simazat 4L

Drexel Trizmet II

Drexel AMS-Supreme

Drexel Antak

Drexel Fome-Kil

Drexel Leven-38

Drexel Nitro-Surf

Drexel PAS-800

Drexel Peptoil

Drexel Sil-Fact

Drexel Sil-MES 100

Drexel Sucker-Plucker

Drexel Sucker-Stuff

Drexel Suffa

Drexel Super Sucker-Stuff

Drexel Surf-Ac 820

Drexel Surf-Ac 910

Drexel Defol 5

Drexel Hum-AC 820

Drexel Drexalin Plus

Drexel Dimethoate 4EC

Drexel Pin-Dee 3.3 T&O

Drexel MSMA 6.6

Drexel BeanOil

Drexel 435 Oil 98.8

Drexel 455 Oil 98.8

Drexel AMS-Xtra

Drexel Retard

Drexel Zinche ST

Drexel Beau-Ron L

Drexel Pinene II

Drexel Beau-Ron D

Drexel Beau-Ron 15G

Drexel Lox

Drexel F.M.-160

Drexel Haf-Pynt

Drexel Holzit

Drexel MES-100

Drexel Mix

Drexel Primary

Drexel Vegetoil

Drexel Phiticide

Drexel Quik-Quat

Drexel X 28-0-0

Drexel X 25-0-0 PLUS 0.5% B

Drexel Carbaryl 5% Bait

Drexel Imitator Aquatic

Drexel Citru-Shield

Drexel Nitro-Bor

Drexel DynaPhite 0-0-26

Drexel DynaPhite 0-28-26

Drexel Imitator RTU

Drexel Pendiguard Turf 0.66%

Drexel Pendiguard Turf 0.75%

Drexel Pendiguard Turf 0.86%

Drexel MEP 42

Drexel Pendimethalin Technical

Drexel Imitator 25% Concentrate

Drexel Transplanter Moly

Drexel Hot Mes

Drexel De-Amine 4

Drexel De-Zaust

Drexel Plucker-Plus

Drexel Dicamba

Drexel AMS-All

Drexel De-Ester LV4

Drexel De-Ester LV6

Drexel Foma 2.0

Drexel Foma 1.88

Drexel 80% Micronized Wettable Sulfur

Drexel Captan 4L

Drexel L-C Insecticide

Drexel Control-A

Drexel Imitator DA

Drexel Warsh-Out

Drexel UP-Front

Drexel FomAsate

Drexel Dimethoate LV-4

Drexel Sulfur 80 WDG

Drexel Captan 80 WDG

Drexel 2,4-DB DMA 175

Drexel 2,4-DB DMA 200

Drexel Dicamba De-Amine

Drexel Imitator + 2,4-D

Drexel Trizmet Lite

Drexel X-NBPT

Drexel MesoTryOne 4L

Drexel Trizar

Drexel TrizMax

Drexel Chlorothalonil 720

Drexel Dicamba DGA

Drexel Pin-Dee 3.3 EC

Drexel KOP-5

Drexel Mes-O-Sate

Drexel MEP 6X

Drexel Boric Acid Boron Micronutrient

Drexel Captan 50W

Drexel X-DCD

Drexel U-Surp

Drexel Duplicator 6

Drexel Dicam De-Ester

Drexel AquaPen 3.8

Drexel Chlorothalonil-Zn

Drexel Trifluralin Technical

Drexel Me-Too-Lachlor MTZ

Drexel Me-Try-Buzin 4L

Drexel Me-Try-Buzin 75DF

Drexel Pinene II (OMRI Listed)

Drexel Azoxystrobin SC

Drexel Imitator Weed Killer

Drexel Off-Shoot-T

Drexel Simazine Technical

Drexel Atrazine Technical

Drexel Mepiquat Chloride Technical

Drexel Fomesafen Technical

Drexel Imitator Weed Killer Concentrate

Drexel Retardant

Drexel Pure-Tac

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