Designed to serve a growing world.

More than a decade ago, our leaders cast vision from need. A swiftly changing crop technology landscape had armed the agriculture industry with the ability to create effective change through data. But to turn the promise of data-driven advancements into reality, the agricultural food chain required a resource built on simplicity.

We’ve aimed to do just that, combining the industry’s deepest label resource with a holistic platform that serves the industry from every angle. We believe there are five pillars to modern farming that must be successfully managed: precision, agronomy, sustainability, analytics and compliance. Agrian’s unified platform allows users from throughout the industry to oversee each of those categories with striking ease and relevant effectiveness. Matched with exceptional support from our team of experts and the ability to share data seamlessly with operational employees and advisors, Agrian’s easy-to-use integrated platform pairs perfectly with the needs of a growing world.

Peter Brandt

Chief Technology Officer

Peter oversees all software engineering teams and deliverables. Prior to joining Agrian in 2013, he spent five years at Pelco (Schneider Electric subsidiary) as a global engineering manager and product owner for large-scale IP video storage, transmission, analytics, and embedded Linux software and hardware products/teams in the high-liability video surveillance space.

Joshua Frese

Principal Software Architect

Joshua is responsible for working with both the product management and engineering teams to ensure continuity between all engineering silos at Agrian. Prior to joining Agrian in 2003, Joshua spent two years at eWorldAg as director of software development. Before that, he was senior Unix systems administrator at Verado/Firstworld.

Todd Rickets

Senior Vice President of User Experience/User Interface

Todd brings a wealth of agricultural experience to Agrian. Having previously served as Agrian’s Senior VP of Product Management, Todd now serves as Agrian’s User Experience visionary. He defines the user experience vision and strategy across the company. He works closely with product management, engineering, and client success to define and execute on the end-to-end customer experience. Todd has previously worked within product management at John Deere.

Nick Morrow

Vice President of Product Management

Nick brings 16 years of agriculture experience to Agrian. As the vice president of product management, he’s responsible for designing, developing, and implementing the go-to-market strategy for all Agrian products and services. He manages the Agrian product management team to set the overall strategy and company roadmap. Nick has previously worked at John Deere, GeoVantage, and Raven.

Rebekah Gilman


Rebekah is responsible for oversight of all accounting, tax and financial activities, as well as managing Agrian’s annual audit and banking relationships. She also directs a team that serves client invoicing, accounts payable, payroll, and human resources. Becca brings a deep financial background to Agrian with over seven years of experience in public accounting.

Tom Horsley

Agrian Fellow

Tom Horsley joined Agrian in 2013 after he sold his company, Altamont Technologies, to Agrian. His decision to join the Agrian team was based upon his enthusiasm to be part of an innovative growing organization. Tom has spent his entire career in creating inventive software solutions. This includes being responsible for designing over a dozen agricultural software programs and applications. He also spent over 13 years at John Deere serving as the director of software architecture targeting global agricultural information systems.

Tom Feaver

Director of Regulatory Affairs

Tom brings more than 28 years of crop protection experience to Agrian. He is a third-generation farmer, pesticide applicator and specialist in training and safety. Tom oversees Agrian’s label compliance database.

Joan Vernon

Global Regulatory Affairs Manager

Joan brings 18 years of enforcement, interpretation and investigation experience in federal, state, and local agricultural laws/regulations to the team. Prior to joining Agrian, Joan served as the deputy agricultural commissioner/sealer in the Pesticide Division of Kings County. During her time with the Kings County agricultural commissioner’s office she worked with many of the department programs, enforcing laws and regulations that ranged from, pesticide use enforcement to statistics/natural disaster reporting. Joan continues to hold eight inspector licenses, two deputy licenses, one commissioner and one sealer of weights and measures license.

Bret Menagh

Vice President of Business Development (U.S.)

Bret brings broad experience in sales management, sales training and marketing to Agrian. He has previously held sales, marketing, and management positions at top-tier agricultural companies. At Agrian, he leads the company’s sales and business development initiatives.

Angela Blanks

Vice President of Client Success

Angela has experience with, as well as knowledge and understanding of, customer service from various industries and brings her passion for customer success to Agrian. Working as a liaison between product development and enterprise account customers, Angela’s focus is on the details of both web and mobile software in an effort to ensure its adoption and all-star technical support. 

Jeremy Browne

Country Director, Australia

Jeremy, a native of King Island, Australia, brings 20+ years of experience within the technology space to Agrian. He has extensive precision agriculture experience in both a support and sales capacity. Jeremy is based in Adelaide, Australia and is an avid pilot.

Ed Siatti

Country Director, Brazil

Ed is an agronomist with over 20 years of experience selling within the ag industry. Ed has spent his entire career as a technology evangelist promoting solutions that provide profitability and sustainability for his home country of Brazil. Ed is based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Jana Triffon

Senior Enterprise Specialist

Jana is responsible for the implementation of large enterprise clients within Client Success. Jana has been a part of the agricultural industry for more than 10 years, working six years in the regulatory field, conducting pesticide application inspections, regulatory audits and produce export certifications.

Daisy Cervantes

Director of Support Services

Daisy Cervantes serves as Agrian’s Director of Support Services. She joined Agrian at its infancy in 2004 as employee No. 4. With more than 20 years experience in the agriculture industry, on both the supplier and retail sides, Daisy oversees Agrian’s main support call center operations.

Katy Preis

Marketing Manager

Katy directs all the day-to-day operations of Agrian’s marketing, advertising, and public relations efforts. This includes brand management, creating promotions and campaigns, coordinating campaigns with the sales team, graphic design, and company communications, such as print materials, the web site, newsletters, social media content, and press releases.

Who we work with

  • • A&W Fresh - Mexico
  • • Advanced Nut Crop Sciences
  • • Ag Land Services, LP
  • • Ag Producers Coop
  • • AG RX
  • • Ag Unlimited
  • • Agri-Labs Inc
  • • Agri-Valley Consulting
  • • Agricare Inc.
  • • Agriform Pleasant Grove
  • • Agriliance
  • • AgriNorthwest
  • • Agrisource Maxwell
  • • Agro Tech
  • • Agronomy Unlimited
  • • AgroReservas
  • • Aligned Ag
  • • Allied Grape Growers
  • • Basin Ferilizer & Chemical Co.
  • • Bear River Supply
  • • Bee Sweet Citrus, Inc.
  • • Bejo Seeds
  • • Betteravia Farms
  • • Bio Ag Services
  • • Bleyhl Farm Service
  • • Blue Star Growers
  • • Bolthouse Farms
  • • Booth Ranches
  • • Brookside Laboratories, Inc.
  • • Butte County Rice Growers
  • • Buttonwillow Warehouse Co
  • • C&S Orchards II LP
  • • California Olive Ranch
  • • Campbell Soup Supply Company LLC
  • • Carr Farms LLC
  • • Cascade Agronomics
  • • Chamberlin Distributing, Inc.
  • • CHS Inc.
  • • Coastal Vineyard Services
  • • Columbine Vineyards
  • • Colusa County Farm Supply, Inc.
  • • Compton Ag Services LLC
  • • ConAgra Foods Inc.
  • • Creekside Land Company, LLC
  • • Crop Care
  • • Crop Production Services
  • • CSU Fresno - Ag Operations
  • • D & J Farm Management Services
  • • DAC Consulting
  • • Deardorff Family Farms
  • • Del Monte
  • • Dierberg and Star Lane Vineyard
  • • Dollar Farm Products
  • • Driscoll's Strawberry Associates
  • • DUDA
  • • Dulcich
  • • Dune Company
  • • Entomological Services, Inc.
  • • Family Tree Farms
  • • Farm Napa Valley
  • • Fertizona
  • • Field 2 Field Agronomy Inc.
  • • Foster-Gardner, Inc.
  • • Frank Tiegs
  • • G & H Farms
  • • G.S. Long Co., Inc.
  • • Gallo Vineyards, Inc.
  • • Gar Tootelian Inc.
  • • Garden City Co-Op
  • • Gebbers Farms
  • • Generation Farms
  • • Gillespie Ag Service
  • • Green Valley Farm Supply Inc.
  • • Growers Ag Service
  • • Hancock Farmland Services
  • • Harvest Ag Service
  • • High Desert Ag
  • • Idaho Crop Services
  • • Ingomar Packing Company LLC
  • • Integrated Crop Management
  • • Jackson Family Enterprises
  • • Joe Hill Consulting, LLC
  • • John I. Haas, Inc.
  • • Keenan Farms, Inc.
  • • Kern Company
  • • Kirschenmen Enterprises
  • • Lakeland Ag Managment
  • • Lakeside AgVentures, LLC
  • • Lakeside Foods
  • • Land O'Lakes
  • • Lawrence Orchards
  • • LFZ Orchards LLC.
  • • Limoneira Company
  • • M & R Packing Company
  • • McGregor Company
  • • Mercer Canyons
  • • Merkin Vineyards
  • • Michigan Blueberry Growers
  • • Mid Valley Ag
  • • Morada Produce
  • • Morning Star Packing Co., The
  • • Munger Farms
  • • Natural Mountain Minerals
  • • Nichols Farms
  • • North Valley Ag Services
  • • Nutrien
  • • Nutrient Resources
  • • O'Neill Agri-Management
  • • Ocean Spray Cranberries
  • • Olam
  • • Oregon Cherry Growers, Inc.
  • • Oregon Vineyard Supply
  • • Pacific Ag Resources, LLC
  • • Pajaro Valley Ag. Consulting
  • • Paradigm Precision
  • • Performance Agriculture
  • • PrimeraTurf, Inc.
  • • Ridge Vineyards, Llc
  • • Rincon Fresh
  • • River Garden Farms Co
  • • Rivermaid
  • • Rockwood Chemical Co.
  • • Sand Hollow Ag Supply, Inc.
  • • Sandridge Partners
  • • Scully Packing Company, LLC
  • • Seneca Foods
  • • Sensient Natural Ingredients, LLC
  • • Simplot Grower Solutions
  • • SiteOne Landscape Supply
  • • Skagit Farmers Supply
  • • Somis Pacific
  • • Southern Valley Chemical Co.
  • • Stanislaus Farm Supply
  • • Stemilt PNW Handler
  • • Stimson Lumber Company
  • • Sun Pacific
  • • Sun-Maid Growers
  • • Sunrise Growers~Frozsun Foods
  • • Sunview Vineyards of California Inc
  • • Sunwest Fruit Co.
  • • Tanimura & Antle
  • • TH Agri-Chemicals, Inc.
  • • The Lyman Group Inc.
  • • Topflavor Farms
  • • Tremont Group, Inc.
  • • Tri-Tech Ag Products
  • • Trical, Inc.
  • • Uesugi Farms
  • • Ulrich Management and Consulting
  • • Valley Farm Applications
  • • Valley Orchard Management
  • • Valley Tech Ag Services.
  • • Valley Wide Cooperative
  • • Vina Quest
  • • Warmerdam Packing LLC
  • • Washington Fruit Company
  • • Wawona Frozen Foods
  • • Wawona Packing Company
  • • Weinberger, Fukuda & Associates Agricultural Consulting inc.
  • • Well-Pict
  • • Westan Growers
  • • Western Ag Improvement
  • • Wilco-Winfield
  • • Wonderful Citrus
  • • Wonderful Orchards
  • • Yakima Chief
  • • Yergat Packing Co., Inc.
  • • Yield Pro Ag Services, LLC
  • • Zirkle Fruit

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