It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the technology offerings these days. We know as ag professionals you need software that is uncomplicated, unifies your workflow, and is truly a management system for your entire operation. Also, finding a provider that is non-biased and independent can be challenging.


The concept of independence is not one that’s lost on Agrian. In fact, in the landscape of Ag software providers, independence, is a unique advantage Agrian offers. To put it plainly, Agrian is not building software with the ultimate goal of selling customers something else. In recent years, the industry has seen a rise of venture capitalist founded point solutions which ultimately leverage the user’s data in attempt to sell them something bigger down the line. It’s an approach that often seeks to boost seed sales and push chemical products, while also aiming to disrupt the farmer’s relationship with their retail agronomist.


As a privately held company, Agrian’s model is simple: run a profitable business, just like our customers must do each day. We understand our role. We are a technology company, and we provide the capabilities and services that help customers to grow their business’ profitably, sustainably and safely.


Independence commands control. With complete control over our product’s development, we are – free to customize for enterprise customers and partners in ways that make the most sense for all involved. Agrian is not in the business of dictating an agenda or trying to disrupt relationships, so we enable users to request integrations and collaboration that provide valuable insights into their operations. Our platform integrates with equipment manufacturers, processing data from controllers such as John Deere, Raven, FieldView, and Slingshot. Agrian also led the effort for electronic data transfer with labs. The benefits for users is seamless data flow.

Independence creates focus. Not tied to an investor’s timeline or servant to the interests of those providing the funding, Agrian’s focus is on one thing: the customer. The customer-centric culture at Agrian is no accident. And it’s linked to the truth that, if we don’t bring ideas and solutions forward that help our customers drive value in their own businesses, then we too will fail at ours.


Independence creates transparency. There’s a reason traditional business models are trustworthy – they are understandable. Transparency in business earns trust, and that’s a commodity worth pursuing. With the concept of transparency being such a fundamental part of our offering, it must too be a part of the way we do business.


For Agrian, independence has created a level of control, focus, and transparency that sets us apart. The trends of point solutions and consolidation will undoubtedly continue, ag startups will come and go, ebb and flow. But Agrian will remain true to what we know, we sell a platform that helps make our customers’ lives easier and their relationships with their customers much more fruitful, and that is at the heart of what we do.