Product Provider

Your customers rely on you for products that perform seamlessly and reliably. So the companies you partner with must integrate with your products in the same way. Meet Agrian. Supported by the industry’s deepest label database, our web-based data and information sharing platform works simply for your customers and creates meaningful, lasting customer relationships for you.


Best practices start with Agrian’s Label Lookup resource. Accurate, fast and free for both growers and manufacturers, it serves as an important industry resource in which more than 450 manufacturers participate to ensure their customers use their products safely, efficiently and effectively. You can also embed the Label Lookup function free on any web page or advertise your products there as well.

Ag Technology

Part of the Agrian promise is to serve as an excellent partner, a commitment made by design. We understand the need for third-party partnerships to bridge the gap between agronomic and data management practices, so we’ve created a platform that’s modular and easy to integrate with, so your customers can benefit from your service being backed by the right information and connection.


Equipment is expected to execute and complete plans while monitoring and collecting new data. Agrian’s deep integration with major equipment manufacturers completes and simplifies the cycle of data. Agrian supports industry interoperability standards like AgGateway’s ADAPT and ISO. But some companies go further by licensing Agrian reference data to better improve the accuracy and reliability of data collected. Large farming operations and service providers see great value and efficiency in all steps of the agronomic process using the same reference data.