Verdesian Life Sciences, U.S., LLC




Aqua-Pam (CA)

AVAIL for Granular Phosphate Fertilizers

AVAIL for Liquid Phosphate Fertilizers


Avail T5 for Granular

Avail T5 for Liquid

Cal-Plex 12



Compac 300 4-2-0

Compac 400 10-19-9

Constant BUpH-er

Constant BUpH-er (CA)


Eminate 10-45-10

Eminate 20-20-20

Enhanced Sulfate

Ful-Vac 3

FulVic Acid


Fungi-Phite Cereals

Gro-Phite 0-0-25

Gro-Phite 0-29-25




Mag-Ko-Sul 0-0-4

MicroSync Basic

MicroSync Complete

MicroSync Plus

MicroSync Pro

MicroSync Ultra

More Than Manure

N-Charge (Dry Bean)

N-Charge (Garbanzo/Chickpea)

N-Charge (Peas, Vetch, and Lentils)

N-Charge (Soybeans)

N-Charge-S (Soybean)

N-Dure (Alfalfa / True Clover Combination)

N-Dure (Alfalfa)

N-Dure (Arrowleaf Clover)

N-Dure (Birdsfoot Trefoil)

N-Dure (Crown Vetch)

N-Dure (Dry Bean)

N-Dure (Garbanzo/Chickpea)

N-Dure (Lupine)

N-Dure (Peanuts, Cowpea, Lespedeza, and Mung Bean)

N-Dure (Peas, Vetch, and Lentil)

N-Dure (Sainfoin)

N-Dure (Soybean)

N-Dure (Subterranean Clover)

N-Dure (True Clover)

N-Take (Peas, Vetch, and Lentils)

N-Take (Soybeans)


Nutri-Grow Calci-Phite 0-0-9

Nutri-Grow Calci-Phite With N-Riched Technology 0-0-9

Nutri-Grow Magnum 2-0-16

Nutri-Grow Magnum with N-Riched Technology 2-0-16

Nutri-Grow P+K 0-0-26

Nutri-Grow P+K with N-Riched Technology 0-0-25

Nutri-Grow Sulfone with N-Riched Technology 5-0-15

Nutri-Phite Calci-Phite 0-19-9

Nutri-Phite Calci-Phite 0-19-9 (CA)

Nutri-Phite Foliar 4-0-8

Nutri-Phite Foliar MZ 3-0-7

Nutri-Phite K 0-0-26

Nutri-Phite Magnum 2-40-16

Nutri-Phite Magnum 2-40-16 (AZ & CA)

Nutri-Phite P Foliar 4-30-8

Nutri-Phite P Foliar 4-30-8 (CA)

Nutri-Phite P Foliar MZ 3-26-7

Nutri-Phite P Foliar MZ 3-26-7 (AZ & CA)

Nutri-Phite P Soil Hi-Grade 0-60-5

Nutri-Phite P Soil Hi-Grade 0-60-5 (CA)

Nutri-Phite P+K 0-28-26

Nutri-Phite P+K 0-28-26 (AZ & CA)

Nutri-Phite Plus Calci-Phite 0-19-9

Nutri-Phite Plus Calci-Phite 0-19-9 (AZ & CA)

Nutri-Phite Plus Magnum 2-40-16

Nutri-Phite Plus Magnum 2-40-16 (CA)

Nutri-Phite Plus P+K 0-28-26

Nutri-Phite Plus P+K 0-28-26 (AZ & CA)

Nutri-Phite Sulfone 5-20-15

Nutri-Phite Sulfone 5-20-15 (AZ & CA)

Nutri-Plex High Shield 0-0-8

Nutrisphere-N For Granular Nitrogen Fertilizer

Nutrisphere-N For Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer

Nutrisphere-N HV

Nutrisphere-N Quick Dry

Nutrisphere-N Quick Dry Orange


Oxi-Phos 6-18-2

Peanut Power

Peanut Power Sterile

Performance 7-27-6

Performance Plus Boron 6-23-5

PolyAmine Boron

PolyAmine Calcium

PolyAmine Calcium Organic

PolyAmine Copper

Polyamine Copper Organic

PolyAmine Iron

PolyAmine Iron Organic

PolyAmine Magnesium

PolyAmine Magnesium Organic

PolyAmine Manganese

PolyAmine Manganese Organic

PolyAmine Micro-Pak

PolyAmine Micro-Pak Organic

PolyAmine Zinc

PolyAmine Zinc Organic

Polybor 10

Pre-Vail (Alfalfa and Sweet Clover)

Pre-Vail (Alfalfa/True Clover Combination)

Pre-Vail (True Clover)

Preside CL

Preside CL FlexConnect


Primacy ALPHA 3-0-7

Primo (Garbanzo/Chickpeas)

Primo (Peas, Vetch, and Lentil)

Primo CL

Primo GX2 (Dry Beans)

Primo GX2 (Garbanzo/Chickpeas)

Primo GX2 (Peanut, Cowpea, Lespedeza, and Mung Bean)

Primo GX2 (Peanuts)

Primo GX2 (Peas, Vetch, Lentil , Chickpea, and Garbanzo)

Primo GX2 (Soybean)

Primo Power (Peanut)

Primo Power CL (Peanut)

Safe Zone 0-0-13

Steric K 1-0-7

Steric K DS 6-0-49

Steric Micro Boron 2%

Steric Micro Copper 5%

Steric Micro Iron 5%

Steric Micro Magnesium 4%

Steric Micro Manganese 5%

Steric Micro Zinc 7%

Steric MKS 0-0-4

Steric P DS 12-58-0

Steric PIII 2-14-0

Steric PIII Plus Zinc 2-13-0

Steric S 8-0-0

Steric S DS 21-0-0

Steric Soil Prep


Stick-it (CA & WA)

Surfact 50

Take Off Booster 0-0-6

Take Off Calci-Phite 0-19-9

Take Off Calci-Phite 0-19-9 (AZ & CA)

Take off LS 0-0-5

Take Off Magnum 2-40-16

Take Off Magnum 2-40-16 (AZ & CA)

Take Off P+K 0-28-25

Take Off P+K 0-28-25 (AZ & CA)

Take Off Phite MZ 3-20-7

Take Off Phite MZ 3-20-7 (AZ & CA)

Take Off ST

Take Off Sulfone 5-20-15

Take Off Sulfone 5-20-15 (AZ & CA)

Take Off Sulfone Pre-Mix 0-2-1

Take Off Sulfone Pre-Mix 0-2-1 (CA)

Tree Shield 0-0-19

Tuxedo Cereals

Tuxedo Soybean

Zinc Chelate 10%