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The agriculture industry demands consistency. So that’s what we’ll deliver, together.

Customers don’t care what it takes to make a product work – they just care that it does – and expect seamless and reliable functionality. Agrian partners with product providers to deliver on this promise. Your customers will benefit from farming’s most complete data resource, backed by the industry’s top label look-up database.

With no new software to download and intuitive functionality, the Agrian platform simply works for your customers and creates meaningful, lasting relationships for you.

Best practices start with the Agrian Label Look-up. Accurate, fast and free for all, including manufacturers, it serves as an important industry resource. It is the largest and most comprehensive label look-up in the industry, backed by 500+ manufacturer participants to ensure their customers use their products safely, efficiently and effectively. Every entry includes the manufacturer’s label and supporting documents including SDS, Section 24c, 2EE and organic certificates. You can also embed the Label Look-up function free on your website or advertise within the feature.

We stand ready to integrate and partner. Part of the Agrian’s core promise is to serve as an excellent partner, a commitment made by design. We understand the need for third-party partnerships to bridge the gap between agronomic and data-management practices, so we’ve created a platform that’s modular and easy to integrate with, so your customers can benefit from your service being backed by the right information and connection.

Equipment is expected to execute and complete plans while monitoring and collecting new data. Agrian’s deep integration with major equipment manufacturers completes and simplifies the cycle of data. Agrian supports industry interoperability standards like AgGateway’s ADAPT and ISO. But some companies go further by licencing Agrian reference data to better improve the accuracy and reliability of data collected. Large farming operations and service providers see great value and efficiency in all steps of the agronomic process using the same reference data.

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