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From field, to fork.

To the consumer world, food-chain traceability sounds simple enough, but for those of us who are charged with it, we know it to be a highly complex issue. It requires consistent standards and advanced technology to answer all the information collection demands of our food chain today.

Agrian has special capabilities designed specifically for food companies.

Share field-level crop data between growers, processors and government reporting agencies securely — with pinpoint accuracy.

Processors often work with hundreds of growers, their crop consultants and pesticide applicators. Agrian streamlines communications with these constituents, allowing all of them to use the Agrian system to push their information into a single repository. It’s an easy, flexible solution — your Agrian Processor Account can be linked with any grower, crop consultant or pesticide applicator.

Digitise your record-keeping and automate compliance checks to safeguard your business.

For processors, harvest time means a flurry of activity — and a blizzard of paperwork. Agrian streamlines the electronic transmission of data and provides a robust electronic compliance check on all the data submitted by growers, crop consultants and pesticide applicators, at harvest time and throughout the season. Agrian reduces the risk by removing the human element by cross-referencing submitted information against manufacturer approved labels or internal compliance criteria.

Our mobile capabilities will modernise your workflow immediately.

Agrian Mobile allows processors to develop customised record-keeping that is easily accessible by growers, crop consultants and pesticide applicators in the office, or directly in the field via mobile devices. Grower representatives can map, track and record notes on each visit to the growing site during the season.


With more than 200,000 users, Agrian is the food industry’s premier choice for tracking, recording and sharing information.

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