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Founded in 2004, Agrian started with the goal of making it easier for growers, agronomists, professional crop advisers, retailers and food processors to document all of their activities in a consistent and simplified way.

Agrian was among the first to recognise that the industry needed a unified software solution. One that provided a platform of capabilities – stemming from compliance and connecting the most advanced agronomy, precision farming, sustainability and analytical tools together.

Agrian joins TELUS. In August of 2020, Agrian became part of the TELUS family, a world-leading communications and information technology company. The acquisition provides Agrian with a strong partner who is committed to agriculture and the food supply chain. With TELUS, Agrian is making it possible to share, document and connect information and data in real-time — allowing agri-businesses along the entire food production chain to grow safely, sustainably and profitably.

Meet our team.

Nishan Majarian

CEO & Co-Founder

Richard Machado

President & Co-Founder

Peter Brandt

Chief Technology Officer

Joshua Frese

Principal Software Architect

Todd Rickets

Senior Vice President of User Experience/User Interface

Rebekah Gilman


Tom Feaver

Director of Regulatory Affairs

Joan Vernon

Global Regulatory Affairs Manager

Evan Garabedian

Sales Strategist

Bret Menagh

Vice President Business Development, US Operations

Ed Siatti

Country Director, Brazil

Jeremy Browne

Country Director, Australia

Andy Pringnitz

Business Strategy Associate

Katy Preis

Marketing Manager

Blake DeBrock

Vice President Client Success

Jana Triffon

Senior Enterprise Specialist

Daisy Cervantes

Director of Support Services

Andriana Majarian

Chief Operating Officer

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