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It’s time to connect, everything.

Leave point solutions that only perform one task behind. With Agrian, you move your operation into a system that your entire field team can utilise – throughout the entire season.

Plan today for better yields.

With Agrian’s crop planning tool, you can capture expenses accurately with the ultimate goal of extending margins – from nutrients, seed and crop protection inputs to tillage and harvest.

Processing the data you need.

Through the growing season, as-planted and as-applied data is uploaded and processed within your Agrian account. Our state-of-the-art system allows for Wireless Data Transfer (WDT) integration or traditional file data transfers – to make sure your data transfers simply and seamlessly.

Connect with the technology you choose.

We pride ourselves on a wide range of integrations, from My John Deere and Raven Slingshot to Climate FieldView and more. Find out more about Agrian integrations >

Record-keeping, simplified.

Our robust compliance offering enables record-keeping and use reporting to be recorded within the system. Agrian boasts the largest manufacturer indemnified product database with over 12,000 products. Each label entry features general information, crop-specific label information (rate, re-entry interval, pre-harvest interval), government registration, personal protective equipment and Ministry of Transport (MOT) information. The Agrian database is dynamic with new product additions and updates taking place on a daily basis. Each and every label receives careful review from manufacturers, giving those involved in agronomy the assurance that the information provided is accurate and reliable.

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Enter your basic information including season, record type, operation or utilise a customised workflow.



Here you can select your desired plantings. Filter by farm, commodity or variety. You can also quickly adjust the total area that the record applies to.



Add timing details by selecting a target date for completion and when it will expire. Utilise custom phases for specialist workflows and view forecast weather information.


Operation details/activity

Detail the type of record you are creating. For example, for a Chemical record, you have the ability to note tank size, application method and the chemicals you plan to apply.



Enter any additional information about your record including: services, labour, equipment, files, photos and comments.

Variable rate fertility & sampling.

As-applied data is a valuable record for 4R implementation and is preceded by VRT fertility recommendations. These recommendations are created in Agrian by analysing soil sample results and/or yield data from previous years. Agrian works with many nationally recognised labs as well as smaller regional labs and receives lab data electronically, giving you an actionable plan and a nice tight record-keeping system for all your lab results throughout the season.

Link your labs directly to your account.

With MODUS automation, dozens of labs feed directly into the Agrian system, using the standardised MODUS format. Labs can upload results directly to your dashboard, instantly connecting lab data with your precision and mapping data. Create a new ‘target event’ to use the same sample points for next year’s round, or even create zones for variable-rate applications.

Analyse for better results.

The final phase of the cycle is taking data from the growing season and analysing it. After yield data is uploaded, you have the ability to generate Yield by Variety or Soil reports, create Field Trials or analyse Multi-Year Yield Zones.

Your privacy matters to us.

As from the inception of Agrian, and as our privacy policy states, Agrian does not sell or in any way convey grower, crop adviser/agronomist, distributor or pesticide applicator data to anyone. We don’t sell a list of our users. It’s your data and you own it.

Pest Control Adviser/Certified Crop Adviser Vern Johnson explains how he uses Agrian to power his business.

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