Get More Done This Fall with Agrian

In our business, the start of any new season always seems to stir up a natural motivation for improvement. These cyclical reminders provide us clear checkpoints to compare the business of years past, with where things are headed today. Fall is no different. But while many crops prepare for harvest across the country, crop advisors […]

Electronic Data Submission: What Does it Mean for the Food Processor?

It’s a challenging time to be a food processor. New pressures, driven by food safety concerns, sustainability programs, and issues surrounding export like ever-changing maximum residue limits (MRLs), are creating demands on processors like never before. Demands to produce and manage something else: data.   Food processors today are faced with the reality that they […]

Documenting Your Dicamba Practices Made Easy

Navigating New Regulation with Agrian In 2017, Illinois reached a tipping point. The state received 239 dicamba-related complaints from growers observing crop damage from off-target application. The story was not isolated. Many agencies, particularly across the Midwest, experienced the same surge in complaints – but without real documentation the states were at a loss, struggling […]

Simple, Seamless Machine Data

We’ve all heard of the connected farm and the promise of data flowing from one device to the next with ease. But in the real world, the process of getting your data from the planter, sprayer or combine onto your computer is far from effortless and it almost always is a frustrating task. That’s where […]

Charting Your Compliance Course with Agrian

There was a time, a bit longer than a generation ago, when helping growers with their high-value crops was a matter that remained between you – the trusted advisor – and your customer. Sure, the County probably wanted to know what you were up to; there was a lot of paperwork, some phone calls and […]

A Retailer’s Best Friend

Your business is not only about cultivating crops; it’s about cultivating trust between you and the growers who pay you to guide the decisions they make. “If we foul up, it can cost them big,” says independent PCA Dale DeShane. But get it right—become their trusted advisor—and you can win the kind of loyal customer […]

Tips & Tricks from Agrian’s Label Center

Agrian’s label database is massive. It’s the only database, that we’re aware of, that has over 10,000 manufacturer reviewed and indemnified labels. The database is supported by over 400 manufacturers, from large giants like Bayer to smaller organic operators like Agrinos. The database is designed for speed, giving access to labels via a desktop or […]

Internet browsers…why does it matter?

We recently conducted a training with a user group, and a member of the group asked, “Why does it matter if I use Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer as my browsers. Aren’t they all the same?” This is a hard question because so many factors come into play. So for the sake of this article […]

Crop Planning: Regionally-Relevant Templates

Even though figuring out your crop selections and mapping out your plantings can be overwhelming, Agrian comes to the rescue to solve that tension. Getting organized with Agrian’s Crop Planning tool is easy. Discover the best way to ensure that nothing disrupts your productivity in the field. Within Agrian’s Crop Planning tool the user has all-inclusive access […]