Empower Field Insights with Enhanced Imagery

Precision Ag is all about recognizing efficiencies. Whether it’s recognizing optimal irrigation to maximize water usage or ensuring crops get the perfect amount of fertilizer – the success of boosting the overall economics of the farm depend on the accuracy of the information you collect.   The same is true with imagery – and quite literally, […]

The Power of Independence

It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the technology offerings these days. We know as ag professionals you need software that is uncomplicated, unifies your workflow, and is truly a management system for your entire operation. Also, finding a provider that is non-biased and independent can be challenging.   The concept of independence is […]

Customer Spotlight: A Retailer’s Perspective

When your business is powered by the relationships that you are able to build and maintain, there is newfound appreciation for time saving tools. The fact is, building relationships with growers takes time, and time is limited. Clark Harman, a crop consultant for Land View Inc. certainly relates to this balancing act common to the […]

Customer Spotlight: A Crop Advisor’s Perspective

When it comes to providing clients with their agronomy, pest control and management needs, Vern Johnson is the total package; the independent crop advisor for Arizona Ag Solutions swings a pretty wide swath when it comes to what solutions he provides for his growers. But with such a variety of services, comes a need for […]

Seamlessly Integrate Sprayer Information into Workflow with AgOtter

The beauty of Agrian is that it imports and displays data from multiple sources seamlessly. The unified platform is continually looking for ways for farm managers, crop advisors and retailers to share data from different sources for more complete data analysis and reporting. A recent development to this end is the integration of Agrian with […]

Tech Tools Can Help You Get Closer to Your Growers

Building relationships takes time. Your time is limited. Crop planning is the perfect example of this annual balancing act. Putting together a detailed crop plan that’s specific enough to each individual operation is incredibly cumbersome. Further, in this age of options growers don’t just want a plan, they want plans – scenarios built-out for careful […]

Detailed Crop Plans without the Time-Suck

The common phrase, ‘there aren’t enough hours in the day,’ has its merit. Time is our most valued resource – particularly when it comes to growing a business that requires face-to-face dealings with farmers concerning their livelihoods. Any crop advisor will tell you that there are certain hesitations they encounter each year when they sit […]

Get More Done This Fall with Agrian

In our business, the start of any new season always seems to stir up a natural motivation for improvement. These cyclical reminders provide us clear checkpoints to compare the business of years past, with where things are headed today. Fall is no different. But while many crops prepare for harvest across the country, crop advisors […]

Electronic Data Submission: What Does it Mean for the Food Processor?

It’s a challenging time to be a food processor. New pressures, driven by food safety concerns, sustainability programs, and issues surrounding export like ever-changing maximum residue limits (MRLs), are creating demands on processors like never before. Demands to produce and manage something else: data.   Food processors today are faced with the reality that they […]