Scouting with Agrian

Are you still writing down your scouting observations on a notepad, then dragging it back to the office to make sense of what you originally wrote? We hear this a lot. That is why Agrian created a mobile platform that houses powerful agronomic tools, including a mobile scouting tool.  Any good agronomist will tell you […]

From the Dirt to the Dashboard

Connecting labs directly to the Agrian software platform provides customers tremendous efficiency and time savings. In addition to field and machine data collected in real time, growers and their consultants also need lab test results in order to get a complete picture of their fields. Agrian strives to make this a painless process, by partnering […]

The Best Ag Technologies Talk to Each Other

The Agrian platform integrates from a wide range of sources empowering users to control their data all in one place. Data is only as valuable as your ability to use it – quickly, conveniently and seamlessly.  That includes the ability to collect data efficiently and integrate various sets of data from different sources. Agrian enables […]

Empowered by Agrian

Vern Johnson, PCA/CCA, powers his business through a single platform Vern Johnson will be the first to tell you he’s not a tech-savvy guy. He’s not going to be current with his iPhone updates, or have the newest smart gadget in his home. But while he’s old school and frankly, sees a lot of “tech” […]

Educate with Agrian: Giving Students Hands-On Experience with High-Tech Tools

 Agriculture today is advancing quickly. Software is now an integral part of modern farming operations. As part of the ever-changing landscape, agriculture students need experience with software that will assist them in their future profession. That’s why Agrian offers educators and students a complimentary account through the company’s Educate with Agrian program.  Through their Agrian […]

Bringing a processor’s work full circle with digital recordkeeping

In recent history, paper records were the only option for food processors. Pre-printed pesticide reports were filled out and delivered to processors manually. Employees in the processor’s pesticide reporting program cataloged and processed each report, hoping it was filled out with a pen instead of smudged pencil. The process was time consuming and required a […]

Empower Field Insights with Enhanced Imagery

Precision Ag is all about recognizing efficiencies. Whether it’s recognizing optimal irrigation to maximize water usage or ensuring crops get the perfect amount of fertilizer – the success of boosting the overall economics of the farm depend on the accuracy of the information you collect.   The same is true with imagery – and quite literally, […]

The Power of Independence

It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the technology offerings these days. We know as ag professionals you need software that is uncomplicated, unifies your workflow, and is truly a management system for your entire operation. Also, finding a provider that is non-biased and independent can be challenging.   The concept of independence is […]