Agrian announced today that Agrian Mobile has surpassed five-million scouted acres in 2014. Agrian Mobile was one of the first apps developed for creating GPS-based field maps, while also capturing transferable crop data and scouting reports directly from the field in real time, with offline access.

Agrian introduced the app in 2009 as a mobile extension of its web-based ag data software platform. This pioneering technology provided growers, crop consultants, applicators and farm managers the ability to record field events and scouting reports, upload them to a secure, private account and then share data with appropriate partners from a wireless, mobile device. It also gives users access to the largest manufacturer-indemnified crop protection label database featuring over 7,000 product labels.

“Reaching five-million scouted acres is an important milestone for Agrian Mobile,” said Nishan Majarian, CEO of Agrian. “It signifies the value ag professionals place on the ability to use data and technology when and where they need it. Efficiency, simplicity and mobility are absolutely critical. One of our goals has always been to help Agrian users avoid the inefficiencies associated with capturing information on paper.”

Majarian attributes much of Agrian Mobile’s success to the users’ ability to customize their account to capture specific data points and structure reports in a manner that best fits their individual, partner or company needs.

Lakeside Foods, Inc., a Wisconsin-based vegetable processor, recently adopted Agrian Mobile to map 14,000 acres the company manages. The ability to instantaneously share scouting reports, photographs and maps from multiple growing sites has transformed communication within the company.

“We have access to real-time information now,” said John Williams, agricultural manager with Lakeside Foods. “Before we began using Agrian Mobile, all of our scouting reports and field data were paper-based. So there was always a lag time before we had access to key information about planting, growing conditions or harvest at all of our various fields. The Agrian system has helped us to become much more efficient.”

In 2015, Agrian Mobile is expanding its capabilities to include direct sampling, multilayer imagery support and offline mobile recommendation writing validated against Agrian’s crop protection label database.

Agrian Mobile was named as one of the Top 20 Agriculture Mobile Apps by CropLife America and is used by several of the leading farm market retailers. In addition to mapping and scouting, Agrian Mobile gives users access to the largest manufacturer-indemnified crop protection product label database in the world.

The Agrian platform is a single uncomplicated software system enabling users to leverage field-level intelligence resulting in agronomic precision. Agrian’s web-based service allows users to incorporate field equipment data with mapping and input reports, providing the tools needed to manage assets and make the best use of the land. For more information about Agrian Mobile, visit

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