Ag software company places sales presence in São Paulo, Brazil – continuing international growth trajectory 

SÃO PAULO, April 10, 2018 — With no signs of slowing down, Agrian Inc. continues to expand internationally, announcing that they will bring their comprehensive agriculture software platform to Brazilian agronomists, growers, retailers and food processors. As a privately held company, Agrian has seen exponential growth in the United States for more than a decade – the move into Brazil continues a new chapter for Agrian’s growth story, which includes the independent software company finding new opportunities in international markets.

To spearhead efforts in the new territory, Agrian has hired Ed Siatti as the senior sales director, Brazil. Siatti, an agronomist with over 20 years of experience selling within the ag industry, will focus his energy on growing Agrian’s enterprise business, tapping into a market hungry for solutions that provide gains in profitability and sustainability. “Agrian will now have a physical sales presence in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and my home country of Brazil,” said Siatti.

Since beginning in 2004 as a cloud-based record keeping system, Agrian has quickly expanded its digital capabilities to include a platform approach to help agronomists, growers, retailers, and food processors work collaboratively within one system. The unification has allowed users to accomplish many tasks including food company reporting, crop planning, scouting, imagery, soil and tissue sampling, logged and wireless data transfer, and nutrient management across all crops and in all markets.

“Every year, over 60,000,000 treated hectares are documented within Agrian from over 175,000 partners worldwide – ranging from ag retailers, crop advisors, growers, food companies and equipment manufacturers,” said CEO Nishan Majarian. “We’re excited to watch these numbers grow as Agrian moves head-on into Brazil’s market.”

Agrian’s sophisticated ag software is subscription based and does not charge on a per hectare basis. “Costs are getting higher and higher and it is important to control those costs,” said Siatti. “In Brazil today, there are so many point solutions – all of which are fragmented and not at all integrated with one another. This makes the users life very complicated. Too complicated,” Siatti explained.

In the United States, Agrian’s ability to unify capabilities into one platform and simplify workflows has gained it significant credibility among ag retailers. In fact, 60 percent of CropLife’s 2017 list of Top 100 U.S. Ag Retailers locations are already on the Agrian platform. “The big players in U.S. ag retail are using Agrian,” said Siatti. “We’re now ready to take that momentum into Brazil and truly assist the entire ag value chain in becoming more efficient, more profitable, and more sustainable.”


About Agrian
Founded in 2004, Agrian is an ag software company that helps growers, agronomists and food processors simplify their workflow by providing compliance, precision and agronomy in one platform. Agrian’s unified software platform empowers every link of the agricultural food chain to operate safely, sustainably and profitably. For more information, visit