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Webinar recap: Digitizing grower and supplier management

The agri-food industry is faced each day with the growing challenge of producing and processing more food than ever before, all while increasing the visibility of sustainability efforts to the end consumer. As food processors, mitigating risk, assessing product quality, and managing growers and suppliers are key parts of the job. With increasing pressure to grow in volume, and document each step of the process, manual efforts using pen and paper no longer suffice. TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods presents a unique offering to the industry – a suite of field to fork digital solutions from sister companies Agrian and Muddy Boots, that are tailored to the specific needs of food processing companies. 

In a recent webinar, Sonny Gamble, Solutions Architect and Scott Morehead, Regional Sales Manager shared how digitizing your workflows with tools specifically designed for food businesses can promote efficiency and increase visibility throughout complex supply chains. 

In case you missed it, you can watch again here.

Some of the key takeaways from the session: 

Digital record-keeping improves bottom-line traceability, through easy and timely access to field-level data. 

  • A challenge that food companies face in today’s market is the aggregation of a complete set of field records, whether they’re created by an agronomist or advisor, a third party applicator, or the grower directly
  • Agrian’s digital record-keeping tool gives the processor the data they need in a standardized format, allowing them to quickly combat compliance or quality issues
  • Food companies can rest assured that the records they’re receiving were built using one of the largest and most widely used compliance engines in the industry: Agrian’s Label Database, which contains over 13,000 manufacturer-indemnified labels
  • Agrian empowers food businesses to be prepared with the right information, come time for inspections from government agencies

Visualizing and mapping complex supply chains mitigates risk and increases efficiencies.

  • Our solution enables food companies to trace products back to agricultural level, visually mapping partners through the supply chain to make the best business decisions, increase efficiencies and mitigate risk
  • Processors need to implement customized sustainability programs and track their adoption from field to fork, TELUS Sustainability Management can help with this 
  • An immediate need to reduce the environmental impact of the food we produce has shown the importance of reliably and consistently measuring sustainability to identify and promote positive improvements across your supply chain
  • The software solution measures and reports on indicators like yield, water usage, climate, waste, biodiversity and soil to give food companies a holistic view of food products from various suppliers 

Setting expectations for quality performance across your supplier network drives accuracy and consistency across your business.

  • 30% of food worldwide goes to waste
  • Muddy Boots Quality Management solution has completed 19+ million quality control checks to date, and drastically improves the speed and accuracy of product inspections and process controls
  • Quality Management is highly configurable, allowing you to essentially create and maintain your product specifications and standards
  • TELUS Cold Chain tags can be placed on shipments of produce, flagging temperature abuse specific to the product while in transit and ensuring quality of goods.

We hope you can join us for the second webinar in this series, titled: “Good soil, good food: How nutrient stewardship positively impacts your bottom lineon March 2, 2023 at 9am PT. Register here.

If you found this webinar recap interesting, book a meeting here to find out how our solutions can help your food business.

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