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Transporting Pesticides, Are You Properly Prepared?

Pesticides should always be transported in a safe and correct manner. According the US Department of Transportation, one of the most frequently cited safety violations is the failure of the shipper to properly describe hazardous materials on their shipping papers.  Fines and clean up fees can result in serious monetary fines. The Hazardous Materials Regulations do not require a shipper to use a specific form but does require the proper information be placed on the shipping papers in a prescribed order, and the information must meet the regulatory requirements describing the hazardous material.

The Basic Description of hazardous materials must include the UN Number (or UN ID), Proper Shipping Name, Hazard Class and Packaging Group when applicable – in that order.

The technical name of the chemical, the container type, the number and weight of containers along with emergency response contact telephone just to mention some of the information may be also be required in order to comply with the regulation. The aforementioned information must be documented in the shipping papers and must be retained for two years.  Failing to adhere to these requirements, shippers put themselves at risk of being cited, but even more importantly they put others and themselves at risk in the event that an incident or spill occurs.

Agrian’s Hazardous Materials Manifest conversion feature takes the headache and the worry out of failing to meet the regulatory requirement.  Once an application recommendation is created the Hazardous Manifest can be created with just a couple of clicks of the mouse. The system will automatically create and archive the documents for your immediate use or future access.

If you’re not taking advantage of this feature within your account, please click here and we’ll arrange a quick training.

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