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Mobile ready so you can stay productive on the go.
Scouting information is centralized within your Agrian Dashboard.

Better Scouting With Agrian’s Field Scout Mobile App

Are you still writing down your scouting observations on a notepad? We hear this a lot. That is why Agrian created our field scout mobile app. Agrian’s user-friendly, easily accessible field scout mobile app allows users to utilize several powerful agronomic tools from any mobile device.

Our field scout mobile app was expertly designed to make scouting as easy as possible for agronomists like you. Using a mobile field scout app can revolutionize the way you record and collect your data, document your observations, and communicate with your growers. Here’s why you should try Agrian’s field scout mobile app next time you go scouting:

Why You Should Use Agrian’s Field Scout Mobile App

Any good agronomist will tell you that accurate notes and the ability to communicate quickly are key to having a successful scouting program. Potential problems can arise at any time. The ability to make on the fly, in real-time decisions quickly is absolutely crucial to scouting successfully.

With its ability to collect, display, and transmit data as quickly as you need it, Agrian’s field scout app is the perfect tool to help you make those decisions in real-time. Agrian’s Field Scout Mobile app gives you access to all of the data you’ve connected to Agrian from your mobile device. It also allows you to transmit new data, notes, and observations to your hub for immediate consultation. With Agrian’s field scout app, you can remain connected to everything you need to make informed decisions, even in the field.

Mobile ready so you can stay productive on the go.

What You Can Do With Agrian’s Field Scout Mobile App

Agrian’s Scouting Tool will be helpful as soon as you start using it, but it will really become an essential part of your scouting operations when you explore its capabilities in more detail. To do that, dig into its capabilities and start thinking about how they could make your job easier. Here are a couple of the highly helpful things Agrian’s mobile app can do for our clients:

Field Information and Pests Lists

Agrian’s mobile field scout app pulls in your field information along with your pests list. This makes it as easy as possible to hit the ground running when you get to your field. The navigation is simple and by layering in imagery options (NDVI, CIR and Natural Color) you can determine what fields need to have a human eye put on them.

Emails, Texts, and Weekly Reporting in the Field

If you’ve made an observation that needs to be addressed quickly, you can send a text or email of that observation in real-time through the mobile app directly. Then, you could create a weekly report of your scouting activity. You could even set this report to display automatically in a customizable scouting dashboard.

In-season Imagery Display

Agrian’s field scout mobile app pulls in the latest in-season imagery directly to your mobile device. You can consult the most accurate imaging data possible as you make your observations in the field.

Directed Scouting with Layers

The field scout mobile app allows you to overlay Application, Planting, and Harvest Data layers based on the information in your main Agrian account to all the new data you collect in the field in real time. This will greatly improve your ability to make informed decisions and observations while scouting.

Multi-field Scouting

Quickly scout multiple fields at once from one single view within the app. This functionality is even available when the app is offline or your mobile device has no connection. You can scout multiple fields even away from your hub without a connection.

Scouting information is centralized within your Agrian Dashboard.

Documentation and Note Taking Functionalities

The mobile app features easily-accessible, dedicated space for note taking and observations. Record your observations on crops, insects, weeds, diseases, and anything else in an organized notetaking area. You can even upload photos and create and share scouting reports.

Scout and Trap Count with a Single Interface

Create trap templates and bundles, monitor them, and report on data trends all within a single interface. The data entry process is as streamlined as possible, saving considerable time.

Real-time Syncing

The field scout app syncs with your Agrian account in real time as long as you remain connected. Your team and your growers can see scouting observations as they’re created.

Scouting Dashboards

Scouting data, observations, and notes from the mobile app all roll up to the easily accessible Scouting Dashboards. These are available for view on the Agrian software’s main application. This tool allows you to share disease tracking and get a full administrative view informed by scouting data in real time.

and More

The whole point of Agrian’s field scout mobile app is its flexibility and modularity. Our experts designed it to be easy for you to customize to your unique purposes. The more you use the mobile app, the better you’ll get at making it work for you and the more it will improve your operations.

If you think Agrian’s field scout mobile app sounds like it could improve your scouting, we can help you set it up. Just get in touch with Agrian’s experts right away. Both our mobile app and our whole software platform have just one goal: helping your business grow. Let’s get growing today.

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