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Customer Spotlight: A Crop Advisor’s Perspective

When it comes to providing clients with their agronomy and pest control and management needs, Vern Johnson is the total package. The independent certified crop advisor for Arizona Ag Solutions swings a pretty wide swath when it comes to the solutions he provides for his growers. But with such a variety of services comes a need for an integrated software platform.

“One of the difficult things I faced when it came to figuring out how to do it all was finding an integrated platform where I could scout fields, crop plan, write recommendations, and keep records. Agrian was it,” Johnson says. These are just a few ways Agrian’s NextGen platform transformed one sampling advisor’s business for the better – explained by the real certified crop advisor himself!

Single platform Certified Crop Advisor Reporting Integration

Recently, Johnson started integrating plant tissue, soil sampling and nematode sampling into the Agrian certified crop advisor platform with his preferred labs. The lab then feeds their information right back into Agrian, enabling Johnson to provide reporting and recordkeeping in a single platform. “There are other scouting programs out there that are using GPS, easy inputs, and quick and nimble reporting, but the problem is that they don’t integrate,” he notes.

After integrating Agrian’s NextGen platform into his workflow, Johnson recognized it as the partnership crop advisors like him have been dreaming of. “The database technology that you have with Agrian in rec writing, recordkeeping, and in field scouting is the total package that makes Agrian the best thing out there, without a doubt,” he says.

Saving Time

With the ability to do everything within one platform, Johnson has more time to spend building relationships with his clients rather than filling out paperwork by hand. “Time is really important to crop advisors. We don’t have the luxury of being able to go out in the morning, make the loop, and get back to the office in time to write recs and be home by 5 o’clock,” he says.

Recording & Taking Notes

Agrian also gives Johnson a quick way to record what he talks to his growers about, as well as an easy way to outline and communicate what their long term plan of action is. “It gives me the opportunity to provide load sheets and add notes. Everything’s in a single document that can be batched out to fax machines, printers or emails – with the e-print function I can email it to my grower’s printer, so they have that physical copy,” he notes.

Calculating Upcoming Orders Faster

When it comes to early orders, Agrian helps Johnson quickly calculate what is upcoming. “I can point and click, and move things over, and I’m able to realize more quickly how much of whatever ‘X’ products I need, or how many ‘Y’ compound products I need, etc.,” he says.

Improving Communication

Even beyond the efficiencies Agrian’s software has helped him achieve in his workflow, Johnson notes how utilizing Agrian has substantially improved communication between himself and his farmers. “Agrian’s Crop Planning tools makes my job easier, but we’re still working together just as closely and sharing information even faster than we could before. My growers place a lot of trust in me, and I don’t take that for granted. I wouldn’t have introduced them to the Agrian system if I didn’t have the confidence it would make crop planning and orders a whole lot easier for them.”

Building Long Term Trust

Johnson truly values the partnership between his business and Agrian and views the relationship as a core part in his ability to build long term trust with his clients. “I continue to tell Fertizona, without Agrian – and without Fertizona’s support so I can have Agrian – I would be lost. Agrian is a partner that I have to have. It’s just as important as having my growers or having my affiliation with Fertizona as a retailer.”

Agrian’s NextGen platform is built to help crop advisors like Vern Johnson – and you! If you think any of the tools and benefits Johnson described could help you, get in touch with the experts at Agrian right away. We’ll integrate the software into your existing system and make sure you know how to use it. You can start finding data, simplifying reporting, saving time, and building trust today. With Agrian, it’s easy.

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